Cardinal Justin Rigali - Podcast

Homily of March 27, 2015: Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent

April 3, 2015
Mary and the mystery of the Passion

In the alternate collect today, the Church gives us the opportunity to contemplate the Passion of Christ with our Blessed Mother and to reflect on how much she belongs to the mystery of Lent. Jesus gave his life out of love to redeem all the children of Adam. Mary is a daughter of Adam and therefore needed redemption. For all the rest of us, redemption meant liberating us from sin. For our Blessed Mother it meant preserving her from sin. With immense love Jesus died to redeem both Mary and all of us. Having received redemption through the merits of Christ her Son being applied to her in anticipation at the moment of her Immaculate Conception, Mary now  helps the rest of us in our struggle to overcome the power of the evil one. We praise Jesus for what his redemption means for his Mother and for us.

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