Cardinal Justin Rigali - Podcast

Homily of January 25, 2015: Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

January 25, 2015
"Conversion: a profound attachment to the person of Jesus Christ"

The message of Jesus is in continuity with that of John the Baptist: "Repent and believe in the Gospel."This is the context in St. Mark's Gospel in which Jesus calls his apostles, promising them that they will be fishers of men. The apostolic Church, like Jesus, calls people to repentance. The call to repentance is a key proclamation of the apostolic Church and of the apostles. Jesus is asking for a radical change in the hearts of those who hear him. He asks for a new way of life – a conversion. This conversion demands a profound attachment to the person of Jesus. Our own personal conversion is our response to the call of Jesus to embrace his Gospel. On the day of  Pentecost, Peter stood  before the people, saying: "Repent and be the name of Jesus Christ." St. Paul also preached the need to repent and turn to God and to do works giving evidence of repentance. As we reflect on Jesus' invitation to conversion we realize that everything is grace. St. John Paul II told us that, as we reflect on the call of Jesus, we discover the new world of mercy. A response to Jesus can only be sustained by divine mercy. Today we praise and thank God for calling us to himself and we ask him to sustain us in our ongoing conversion till the end.

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