Cardinal Justin Rigali - Podcast

Homily December 14, 2014: Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) [Cardinal Rigali - Podcast]

December 14, 2014

On this Gaudete Sunday the tone of our liturgical celebration is one of joyfully awaiting our Savior, who is so near.
Both the realization of the Savior's coming and the nearness of that coming bring us special joy at this time.
The word of God makes reference to Isaiah and to John the Baptist, the forerunner of the Savior.
In addition, the Church calls our attention to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who so powerfully shows the relationship between joy and salvation, attesting to her own redemption, saying: "… my spirit rejoices in God my Savior."
The Church reflects on how the anticipation of the coming of our Savior brings us joy that does not know fear.